'Put Your Phone Away' Album

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'Put Your Phone Away' Album


Album Listing:

1. The Old Ones Are The Best

2. Milk, No Sugar

3. Put Your Phone Away

4. Can I Have The Key?

5. Femme Fatale

6. I Want To Fall In Love With A Marine

7. You Threw The Best Bit Away

8. Go To Hell

9. Champagne

This album is also available for digital download with 2 bonus tracks here

Silk screen printed CD with 8 page booklet in jewel case

Released November 26, 2015

Produced and Arranged by Louisa Revolta and Steve Christie
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered on a Studer B67 by Steve Christie at Vintage Keys Studio |  www.vintagekeysstudio.com 
Recorded at Hillside Studio, 51 Skin, Goose and Vintage Keys Studio, August - October 2015. Recorded using vintage AKG microphones D20, D19 and D190. 

Louisa Revolta - Vocals, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Champagne
Hannah Castleman - Vocals, Alto Saxophone and Flute
Anna Harding - Vocals, Alto Saxophone and Flute
Steve Christie - Piano, Hammond Organ, Celeste, Strings, Double Bass solo, Aeoliphone
Doug Revolta - Double Bass
Joe Pickering - Drums and Percussion
Owen Feeney - Electric and Acoustic Guitars
Matthew Shenton and Neil Doherty - Trumpet
Simon Slater - Clarinet

Photography by Steven Moulster
Cover design by The Spitfire Sisters
Graphic design by Anna Harding

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