Claire Murphy's #OneADay

In an Insta-world full of Kimoji’s, duck-face-selfies, and cats ‘playing the piano’- it can, at times, be hard to remember why I ever thought signing up was a good idea. After hours spent trawling through holiday snaps belonging to long-lost school friends, videos of kittens yawning, and goats in Halloween costumes (tee hee hee, the latter of which is brilliant) one might find oneself craving a little creative stimulation. And then every now and then, I stumble across an account that makes me think –‘Ah, yes!’

Today I wanted to introduce you to one such account, from Australian illustrator Claire Murphy. Every day, Claire (@tunabake) posts a #OneADay illustration that features an influential woman from the past. Whilst Claire acknowledges that this project initially started as means and motivation to practice her technique after giving up her office job, these posts have morphed into a visual journey of discovery that explore the roles of extraordinary, talented or forgotten women throughout history.

Amongst her #OneADay illustrations Claire has featured activists to trapeze artists, Cherokee chiefs to milliners, physicists to film-makers and everything in between! A daily bite-size biography accompanies Claire's gorgeous illustrations, which so beautifully puts a face (and often a stupendous hairstyle!) to each name and story. I've included a handful of my favourites below...

Claire recently illustrated a book about famous Australian opera singer Dame Nellie Melba, titled 'Meet Nellie Melba', which was written by Janeen Brian and was published earlier this year. This publication is part of a series of books that tell the stories of the men and women who have shaped Australia’s history, and the illustrations are simply gorgeous. 

I for one would love to see Claire publish a book containing all of her #OneADay images - we’d love to share these beautiful illustrations and stories with the young ladies in our lives.

P.S. #ITakeBackWhatISaidAtTheStart #ILoveTheCatsPlayingThePiano


Our favourite ‘grammers:

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The lady herself, Claire Murphy

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Mayim Bailik (aka Dr Amy Farrah Fowler) shares images and thoughts from her website GrokNation, on topics varying from popular culture to feminism and religion.

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Tap dancer and choreographer Sarah Reich shares short videos of work and play. And if there’s one thing this world needs more of, it’s tap dancing!

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All images and accompanying words copyright Claire Murphy