Say hello to SuperDuper8 Films

Photo by  Nicola Kirk

Photo by Nicola Kirk

The Spitfire Sisters first met SuperDuper8 Films at a glorious vintage inspired wedding in December last year. A couple of weeks after the big day Aimee and Chris shared with us the beautiful, nostalgic video that they captured of the happy couple's day (that features us dancing like mad men, see below) which we thoroughly adored. So many of you also loved the video over on Facebook and Twitter that we decided to delve a little deeper, thus last week Anna caught up with Aimee and Chris to chat about their work, what inspires them and why they love their jobs!

Who are SuperDuper8 Films?

We are Aimee & Chris from SuperDuper8 Films and we specialise in shooting weddings on vintage super 8 cameras. It all started when we got engaged and were wondering how we'd like our wedding day captured. We discussed how lovely it would be to have it captured on super 8 film. We then thought their must be other like-minded folk out there like us, so SuperDuper8 films was born! 

There has been a real revival for all things vintage in recent years, how has this effected your business?

This has meant a lot more interest in Super Duper 8 Films as our cameras are vintage. A lot more people now are going towards a vintage look for their weddings, from the dress to the decorations, so having us there shooting on our old super 8 cameras fits in with the aesthetics of their day nicely. When they watch back on their special day it looks like it could have been shot about 40/50 years ago, which is the magic of it all. 

Why, in the age of digital cameras, do you choose to work with manual film?

There is something nostalgic and magical about manual film. It has a timeless quality that produces beautiful footage. Our lives would be a lot easier shooting digital, but we like that our wedding films are a bit more bespoke and special. 

How does the process of developing and editing film manually differ from working digitally? 

It differs greatly. Where as with digital you can start to edit the next day we have to wait for our films to be developed and digitalised before we start editing. However it is always worth the wait! 

Do you think this is evident in your final films? 

Definitely, some people try and re-create the super 8 affect by adding filters over digital footage to make it have the the 'old style' look, but nothing beats the real deal! It's worth the extra effort when we get the response from the Brides and Grooms after their first watch. There are usually tears involved! 

What or who inspires your work?

We love the films of George Méliès, a French filmmaker from the 1900s, they are very special as they're some of the earliest films made. 'A Trip to the Moon' (La Voyage dans Lune) is our favourite! It was made in 1902, we watched it together on one of our first dates in Melbourne at the Australian Centre of Moving Image, so it means a lot to us. 

A Trip to the Moon (La Voyage dans Lune) by George Méliès

Did you always want to capture weddings?

It's been a natural evolution to capture weddings. At university, it was all about illustration animations, and in my twenties I concentrated on fashion films. Now we're married I suppose we've naturally moved to capturing weddings, we've turned into old time romantics! To be able to capture other people's special day feels like a big honour for us, it's a film they will watch a million times over and is a real keepsake. As there is two of us, it's great as we can always be in two places at once. No shot is missed! 

What is your favourite moment of a wedding to capture on camera?

The confetti shot is our ultimate favourite. So many happy faces, it's always a fun one to shoot! 

What makes your wedding films unique?

Out of all the wedding videographers on offer there is a very, very small pool that actually shoot on super 8 film, most are digital. It makes us feel pretty darn special. 

What do you love most about your job?

There's lots to love! Our favourite is when we get the footage back from our developers and watch the films back for the first time. Usually our cheeks hurt after watching them from smiling so much, then we crack on with the editing as we get eager to send them to the Bride and Groom. Also being able to work alongside each other and see our company grow is a wonderful thing. 

Do you have a favourite memory from a wedding you've captured?

There have been many many memories! A pretty special one was shooting around 50 kisses under a piece of mistletoe at a wedding last Christmas. The Bride and Groom had hung it in the doorway which led into the main dining room and wanted everyone to kiss before they walked into the room. There was a lot of kisses! It was a real moment of love and was great to capture every guest in such a unique way.  You can watch it here!

Another favourite is when we shot a Groom's Dad doing a spontaneous Scottish jig in his kilt at a wedding last October. It was one of those one off memorable moments of the day.

Of course there's also our own super 8 wedding film too! Our videographer friend Jess shot our day on our Super 8 cameras. My Dad sadly got poorly the day before the wedding and had to be in hospital, meaning him and my mum couldn't attend. So to have the whole day captured to show them was just priceless. It reinstated how important a wedding film is... and gave us an excuse to have a second wedding 8 months later, where they were the guests of honour!  

Like what you see? You can find SuperDuper8 Films on Facebook, Twitter or on their website.