Hey Mr. DJ, Put A Podcast On

I listen to a lot podcasts when I'm travelling to and from gigs, when I'm walking around London and when I'm falling to sleep; I definitely go through phases of listening to more podcasts than music. Anna recently asked me to put together a list of my favourites so I thought I would share it here on our page so everyone can have a listen if they feel like it! 


Serial -  Sarah Koenig tells the story Adnan, a man who was accused of - and is currently in prison for - the murder of his high school girlfriend in 1999. Adnan has always maintained his innocence, and there seems to be a huge number of factors that indicate that arguably procedural mistakes were made during the investigation and trial. Sarah Koenig, our host, goes through all the information she has gathered on this case in intense detail; It's a fascinating study of a true story that is still ongoing.  

Elis James and John Robins - Pure comedy joy from two genius comedians. The beauty of this podcast (and their radio show on Xfm) is their real life friendship. I'm upset this only comes out once a week to be honest. Give them a weekday breakfast show already. 

Pappy's Flatshare Slamdown - Madness and hilarity from one of the UK's best sketch groups. It's made up of very strange but very funny games and genuinely genius jingles. They have loads of episodes on itunes so there is plenty to catch up with - just don't listen to it on a packed train otherwise people will think you're odd when you laugh out loud so frequently. 

This American Life - The mother of all radio shows. This American Life tells beautiful and fascinating stories every week, and the research that goes into this podcast is insane. The first episode I ever listened to was about a car dealership; I seriously wasn't convinced by the synopsis and I thought that maybe it wasn't going to be for me but I was truly riveted for an hour and a half. This American Life can take ANY story and transform it into an engaging, informative and very moving piece of radio. 

Desert Island Discs - No matter who the guest is on this show, I am always fascinated by their story and their disc choices. Also, Kirsty Young is a babe and I love her. 

BBC Comedy of the Week - The BBC has a rich palate of comedy shows on Radio 4, which is brilliant because it means that this podcast is always a surprise. It doesn't always choose something that's my cup of tea, but it's definitely worth subscribing to.

The Political Party - I saw Matt Forde's 24 Hour Politcal Party People show in Edinburgh last summer, and it was so brilliant I started listening to his podcast. No matter what your political associations are these podcasts are worth listening to. 


Get in contact to let us know what you're listening to; there's always time to listen to another podcast!

Hannah x