Songs from Spitfire HQ


Here at Spitfire HQ, we thought it was time that you found out a little bit more about us – and what better way to do that then find out what's on our playlists at the moment! 


Hannah's choices: 

Favourite song to listen to when I'm... 

Cooking or baking: Vision of Love - Mariah Carey, or You're All I Need To Get By - Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell - anything I can sing along to very loudly. 

Exercising/running: When I'm running, it's Dance Apocalyptic - Janelle Monae and Easy Lover (Live) - Phil Collins. I'm also partial to Taylor Swift, particularly her album Fearless - I'll shamelessly sing along while I'm running along which scares a lot of other runners. If I'm doing a workout at home, I can't listen to music - I normally watch some terrible tv while I do it! 

In the car: When I first learnt to drive I had Mark Ronson's Version in my car, and I played it nonstop. I don't drive so much anymore now that I live in London but for short trips it's got to be Kid Charlemagne by Steely Dan, (or anything off the Greatest Hits album) or if I'm in the car with my mum we sing the entire recording of Thoroughly Modern Millie from start to finish.  

The first time I heard Rosanna - Toto was on a road trip with Spitfire drummer Joe, and that swiftly became an all time favourite of mine. 

At a party: The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson, No Diggity - Blackstreet, or Streetlife - Randy Crawford. 

Doing some life admin: Sia. Always Sia. Particularly Destiny by Zero 7, Sia's vocal on that is ridiculously soothing.

Spring cleaning: Signed, Sealed, Delivered - Stevie Wonder, particularly the live version which has the best ending of any song.

Drinking your morning coffee: Summer, Highland Falls - Billy Joel if it's a calm morning coffee, or Bamboleo by Gipsy Kings if I need inspiration to begin the day! 

Drinking your evening gin: Maybe I'm Amazed - Lena Horne. My boyfriend doesn't like it when I don't credit Paul McCartney, but the Lena Horne version is unbelievable. 


Anna's choices: 

Favourite song to listen to when I'm... 

Cooking or baking: I spent the whole evening last week baking Easter treats to Gil Scott Heron – favourite tracks being ‘Back Home’ or ‘New York is Killing Me’ 

Exercising/running: As a slightly aggressive exerciser (motivation, motivation, motivation!) I rely heavily on Rage Against the Machine to get me pumped, particularly ‘Testify’. 

In the car: Currently on repeat in my Spitfire wagon is Seasick Steve – ‘I Started Out With Nothing’. 

At a party: This is such a tough one that I have to pick three: 1) Black Street – ‘No Diggity’ (for getting people on the dance floor) 2) Ram Jam – ‘Black Betty’ 3) DJ Luck and MC Neat – ‘Little Bit Of Luck’ (for those nights when only 90s garage will do) 

Life admin: When trying to concentrate I rely on Zero 7, particularly ‘The Garden’ (I simply can’t listen to ‘Simple Things’ without singing along at the top of my lungs). I can’t pick a favourite song from this album; it’s a masterpiece to be enjoyed in its entirety! 

Spring Cleaning: My go-to album when tidying or cleaning is The Best of Bill Withers. 

Drinking Your Morning Coffee: Ray Lamontagne – ‘Three More Days’ or John Fullbright – ‘All the time in the world’ 

Drinking Your Evening Gin: A few years ago we had the pleasure of seeing Vintage Trouble perform live at Larmer Tree Festival and I haven’t yet found someone who doesn’t enjoy their music, so it’s perfect for a socialising with friends over a cheeky G&T. My favourite track by them has to be ‘Blues Hand Me Down’


Louisa's choices:

Favourite song to listen to when I'm... 

Cooking or baking: This really depends on what it is that I'm cooking. If it's baking I like to stick on Gracie Fields' version of If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked a Cake. If I am cooking something with Italian flavourings I currently like listening to something by Malcom Vaughn (although he is Welsh so perhaps rarebit would be more appropriate). 

Exercising/running: I have recently taken up running a lap around my local park. My guilty pleasure motivational tracks at the moment are Tay-Tay Swiftie's Shake It Off, Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend and a firm favourite Christina Aguilera's Candyman. I have an annoying habit of having to run on the beat so it has to be a similar tempo. Probably something to do with my being a bit musical. I also like to add in some dance moves to the song I am running to for interest and variety. But mainly because I'm cool. 

In the car: I have recently been lent the album Life by The Cardigans by Spitfire pianist Steve Christie. It's sounding great with this gorgeous sunshine we have been enjoying. Gordon's Garden Party always gets a replay. 

At a party: Señorita by Justin Timberlake. I have very fond memories of jumping on whatever platform was nearby in whatever club I was in when this came out. It's a party song! 

Doing some life admin: Usually the noise of my children bickering. Maybe I should make more of an event of this and find a suitable tune to chill everybody out. 

Spring cleaning: No Place I'd Rather Be by Clean Bandit always gets the dishwasher unloaded quickly and with an added bonus of getting Freddie and Poppy dancing together too. 

Drinking your morning coffee: Anything by Postmodern Jukebox. Probably their version of Careless Whisper. 

Drinking your evening gin: Ella Fitzgerald singing 'Round Midnight.