Behind The Scenes Beauty

I am ready to confess – I have never really known what I'm doing when it comes to hair and makeup. I have always been the person who wants the extra few minutes of sleep in the morning so skips the makeup and hairbrush (although I couldn't get a hairbrush through my hair no matter how much time I have). I often forget to take my makeup off before I go to bed, and even when I do, there's always impressive mascara smudges around my eyes the next morning. I forget I'm wearing lipstick during the day so I end up looking like a child who has broken into their mother’s bathroom cabinet. Don't even look at my nails. 

Obviously, being a Spitfire Sister has meant that I've had to learn how to create a 1940s look, and luckily I've been able to learn from the best. Anna and Louisa have so many makeup techniques, tricks and talent that it's intimidating. I was hopeful that because we spend so much time together I would take hold of their skills through osmosis, but apparently science doesn't work like that. 

However, I am learning. I am so lucky that my job involves trying out beauty products and getting dressed up everyday. Outside of work, I mostly just wear a bit of mascara or lipstick but rarely both together. I've collected my current favourite products into this blog post – some are Spitfire essentials, some are products that I've grown to love. I would love to know what you all use as well – let me know in the comments section below.

Firstly, you cannot go wrong with Mac lipstick in Ruby Woo. We wear this for every performance, and it is the most striking red out there. It also lasts for ages; it's completely microphone resistant. I'll also occasionally wear this out for the day when I'm not on Spitfire duty, but I tend to wear it without any eye makeup to soften it a little. If I'm going out for dinner, I might branch out and go for a plum shade – Sin by Mac is glorious. I also can't wait to get hold of Dita Von Teese's new lipstick for Mac - she is my all time beauty idol and I wish I had the discipline and skill she has. I also can't wait to get hold of a copy of her new book - Your Beauty Mark - I'm going to order it as a Christmas treat! For very special occasions we use Glitter Lips – the glitter is intense! We use Ruby Slippers over our regular Ruby Woo. Look how sparkly it is! 


I am terrible at eyeliner. I can't handle the liquid stuff. My hand shakes, my lines are wonky, it's a disaster. With all this in mind, Bourjois Liner Feutre is a dream product. You cannot go wrong with this. Its just like using a felt tip pen and it's gentle and it glides on. I accidentally dropped this eyeliner down the toilet when I was in Edinburgh this summer with Anna, and that's when I knew I would never go back to any other eyeliner - I needed to go out and get a new one immediately. I also use Bourjois' eyebrow pencil - I love a strong brow. 

(NOTE: I did buy a new eyeliner. The toilet soaked eyeliner went in the bin. Health and safety.)

I'm getting better at false lashes.  Anna generously gave up her pre-show time to apply my false lashes for me for the first three years of The Spitfire Sisters, but I do it myself now. Mostly they stay on, but there's always extra glue on hand just in case we've been dancing a bit too vigorously. We swear by Eylure – I mostly wear Petite Volume 107, but have recently tried All Hail the Queen, and we are desperate to try Frozen Beauty.

I can never stick to one mascara, I'll try a new one every time I run out. I do normally have Maybelline's Great Lash at the bottom of my bag, because it is a classic and super cheap. If I'm feeling really flashy, I'll put a bit of rose gold eyeshadow from Sephora in the corner of my eyes. Every so often I'll wear this shadow just out and about; I'll put it under my bottom lash line and in the corners without any mascara. 

Other than that I tend to use E45 moisturiser as it's the only thing that I find really consistently works. I only use foundation for when I’m on stage; my skin is super sensitive because my immune system sucks (technical term) so for the every day it's moisturiser and that's it. I'm searching for a lighter but just as hydrating moisturiser, but so far, I haven't found anything as good or as simple as E45. 

So there you have it! My Spitfire essentials. Thanks to Louisa and Anna’s skills (and never ending patience) I'm learning, but I need more tips and tricks! Help me out and tell me what you swear by.