Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween. It's a wonderful excuse to get creative and to indulge your theatrical side. Last year I went to a fantastic Halloween party and decided to dress as a zombie. I took inspiration for our makeup from watching a few YouTube tutorials and you can see the result here!

Excellent brain blancmange made by Ani Kelso.

Excellent brain blancmange made by Ani Kelso.

This year I have captured the carving of the pumpkin with my two children. I remember getting excited about this as a child. Freddie even remembered the smell that awaits when you first remove the lid. Here they are drawing their design!

Carving the lid...

I have separated the seeds as I will be roasting them later. The candles are already in. I prefer to use battery candles as it makes it more child friendly and also avoids any singed lids.

Freddie had requested a friendly face on our pumpkin this year.

He certainly seems to be popular!

I washed and dried the seeds before placing them on a baking tray with plenty of seasoning in a preheated oven at (fan) 180 for about 20 minutes or until crispy.

Happy Halloween everybody!

And I couldn't resist this pic from last year: