Sunday Night Beauty, Monday Morning Beauty Nightmares

My favourite Sunday afternoon activity, especially when it's raining, is to watch a classic movie. Singing in the Rain, Funny Face, and High Society all consistently feature in my Sunday routine. The lasting feeling that these movies leave me with, aside from the ever present thought of 'wouldn't it be excellent if people just burst into song spontaneously all of the time?', is that 'tomorrow, I'm going to do and makeup and hair just like that'.

So, with all of the good will and intention in the world, I wake up on Monday morning half an hour earlier than I need to so that I can pin my hair just like Debbie Reynolds, or pencil in my eyebrows just like Audrey Hepburn, or create the perfect pout just like Grace Kelly. And it never works. My eyebrows are uneven. My lipstick looks like it did when I was playing with my mum's makeup at the grand old age of twelve. My hair is uncontrollable and won't stay where I put it - a problem that I face constantly when trying to wrestle it into a 1940s appropriate style when I'm singing with The Spitfire Sisters. Before I know it it's time to leave the house and the vintage look has once again remained elusive.

Luckily for me however, in this modern age of vintage style there are many ways to find help when imitating various looks from years past. It's wonderful to know that whatever the occasion, you can achieve vintage perfection. From YouTube tutorials to vintage specific salons, there are people who are focused creating - or recreating - classic hair and makeup combinations.

YouTube is perhaps the easiest way to bring vintage straight into your house. Type 'Grace Kelly Makeup Tutorial' into YouTube and you get 16,000 results. For an Audrey Hepburn hair tutorial, there are over 36,000 results. The choice is so wide, you can watch a few and find out which one is going to work best for you. But there is also professional help. I spoke to The Powderpuff Girls, a company that offers their clients professional top level makeup artists, hair stylists and manicurists with a vintage twist. The Powderpuff Girls are a wonderful example of a team of people making vintage accessible to everyone, regardless of whether it is for a specific vintage event, or for someone's personal vintage look.

When The Powderpuff Girls started in 2005, the vintage market was relatively small. The team worked hard to make women 'stand out in the beautiful uniforms and give a touch of glamour' to the more niche events they were booked for.  As the vintage movement began to take hold, The Powderpuff Girls 'specialised in creating these looks with a twist', at events such as Goodwood Festival, Isle of Wight Festival to the Brits & BAFTAS. They also work at smaller events such as weddings, hen parties and birthdays - as they say, 'we like to think that we can bring some pampering to anyone in need.'

Obviously the internet and YouTube's endless supply of video tutorials are making the vintage look more accessible; you can use the makeup you already have at home to create a look with your favourite vintage actress or character in mind. Of course, it's not just the internet that is making a significant difference to the vintage market.  The Powderpuff girls believe that their team are making vintage more accessible. 'With such events like The Blitz Parties, Prohibition Nights and the Candlelight Club going from strength to strength, we can create a true image for guests and help people learn how to recreate them in their own homes too.'

While I will still wake up early and strive to recreate Audrey Hepburn's stylish look every Monday morning (and go back to sleeping in on a Tuesday), it's important to remember that sometimes a small nod to the era of your choice is enough to give you a spring in your step. As for The Powderpuff Girls everyday look, they say 'We don't keep to a strict fashion, we like to take inspiration from different key pieces and especially the statement jewellery, though no one can go wrong with a red lip!' A sentiment that I agree on completely.

Hannah X

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